Couvreurs Dubuc
Over 40 years of expertise

Couvreurs Dubuc, commercial and residential roofing

Couvreurs Dubuc Inc. has over 40 years of family experience. We specialize in the installation, repair and maintenance of flat roofs. The current generation focuses mainly on and is determined to greatly expand into the industrial and commercial sectors in Quebec. We are constantly searching for new technologies and materials used in the roofing field.

For each project, a thoughtful and careful team guides you through understanding your roof’s different systems. Different available options will be considered and evaluated to offer you the best roofing suited to your building and budget. We always offer superior quality roofing.

We also guarantee quality, clean and safe installation. The Couvreurs Dubuc company ensures that it provides qualified and certified personnel. All our teams receive health and safety training.

Your roof’s expected service life is directly related to installation quality. So, for your flat roof building work, it is crucial to choose the best company, with the best installers. Contact Couvreurs Dubuc for a job well done. The company will gladly handle your roof maintenance or periodic inspection needs, as well as your future projects, of any size.

Our mission is to offer you the best long-term leakproof roofing solutions!

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