Roof inspection

Couvreurs Dubuc offers a roof inspection service for the residential and commercial sectors.   These roof types can be inspected:

  • Elastomeric membrane;
  • EPDM membrane;
  • TPO membrane;
  • Asphalt and gravel roof

Outdoor Inspection

A detailed inspection is done to detect problems that require corrective measures such as:

  • Deformation, raised membrane;
  • Degranulated, cracked, washed-out membrane;  
  • Abnormal or problematic water accumulation;
  • Cracked caulking seal;
  • Roof drain strainer basket clogged with various debris.

Internal inspection

Inspection is done at the attic or roof space level.  This enables detecting non-apparent problems such as:

  • Structure deterioration;
  • Ventilation problems;
  • Insect or rodent infestation;
  • Water infiltration (humid bridging).

To prolong its durability, it is advisable to have your roof maintained.