Roof repair

Contact a Couvreurs Dubuc certified professional before considering replacing your roof. Our first visit is free of charge and is accompanied by an estimate of the corrective measures needed, while evaluating the scope of the work.  If you wish, a written report, with photos, can be provided to show the necessary repairs. 

It is sometimes possible to reduce your expenses, while ensuring your roof properly sealed, with simple repairs. Repairing part of your roof instead of installing a new roof is less costly.  We will inspect and evaluate your roof’s condition.

TPO membrane, elastomeric membrane, EPDM membrane, asphalt and gravel roofing repair must be performed by experts. We have all the qualifications, expertise and experience to ensure residential, commercial or industrial roof sealing. Repair is not done the same way for different types of roofs.

Water infiltration and roof cracks

Water infiltration may result in serious consequences. Act at the first sign of infiltration because seal loss can affect your whole property. Delaying repairing the leak may cause damage to the roof structure, such as moisture infiltration. Quickly contact Les Couvreurs Dubuc for your roof’s inspection and get an expert's opinion.

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